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Created 26-Jan-09
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West of Old OraibiCoal Mine CanyonCoal Mine CanyonCoal Mine CanyonThe Elephant FeetAn Elephant FootAn Elephant FootThe Elephant FeetThe Elephant FeetAgathla PeakGolding's Trading PostMonument ValleyThe Moki DugwayMuley PointChurch RockLooking Glass RockHiker at Looking Glass RockHikers at Looking Glass RockHikers at Looking Glass RockJuniper

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Sungazer Photography and Images
Thank you for the lovely comments!

Yes, some of these are in Monument Valley - others are in Arches and in the general vicinity.

(I will be adding geographic information during my next big editing session!)
MyPieceOfHeaven.Photography - Photographer Raymond Vegter
Are some of these taken in Monument Valley? They are beautiful.
Creative Genius Pictures
The landscape and the outstanding perspectives captured are extraordinary.
These are the places I wish to visit and photograph someday.
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